New Patent For Facebook: Is spying through camera?

New Patent For Facebook

We all know that Facebook, Google, and many other companies spy on their users through their platforms and / or applications, using the cameras and microphones of the devices. Well, maybe not everyone knew that … Today’s topic, although it is not about SEM , is an important one and very controversial because it is known that Google has used monopolistic practicesand there are even accusations that he shares information from his users with US government agencies. Of course, the controversy does not scare us, and this article is about these technologies that these companies have. More specifically, we are going to talk about the new patent that Facebook has that gives them the ability to use your cell phone, laptop, or tablet to detect your emotional state, that is if you are sad, happy, angry, etc. Well, according to that it is.

( Patent #: US20150242679) – “Techniques for Emotion Detection and Content Delivery”

With this patent Facebook can literally be looking at your face (or whatever is in front of your camera) when you want using the front camera of your electronic devices, whether you are using them or not. All for having users hooked to the application, Facebook wants you to be, not just using your app as much as possible, but watching it! The example is that you are watching a video, but you turn your head, you are not interested in the video and maybe you release the cell phone, or close the application, Facebook, seeing your face that lost interest in the video, will make the attempt Do not show related videos but different videos if you see them completely so you can continue using the platform. Another example is if you laugh at a ‘meme’, FB will try to show you more ‘memes’ related to the one that made you laugh.

This patent was filed in February 2014, published in November 2015, and granted this May, thus putting the ‘face’ on Facebook. It is said that this technology would be used to make text messages easier to understand, because sometimes it is difficult to understand or feel the emotion of a message with pure text. Thus, the algorithm would detect how hard the keys press, or the screen when writing, the way to move the mouse, the emotion in your face when writing, the speed of writing among other things and automatically apply special design in the text who will receive the person to whom you are sending the message.

Facebook privacy permits

Of course Facebook would say that this is to improve the service for its users, as well as saying that the need to use your camera and microphone without your permission is not to bother you whenever they are needed, but whenever the application needs them are available … (and so you can not sue them), and of course there will be people who believe them or who do not bother them. Personally, I do not believe them. Facebook is a business, and it’s a very successful business that continues to generate absurd amounts of money, a lot of that money is for the ads. This is where the intention of these algorithms and this invasion of privacy seems to be most viable, since it will be used to put in front more relevant ads to what you have searched or pages that you have visited recently, thus creating more income possibilities. In fact, The professor of communication at the University of South Florida, Kelli Burns has already sent warnings saying that she does not believe that Facebook only uses these technologies to improve the content it provides to its users but to spy on conversations and based on these present relevant announcements to the conversation. She says that, in order to check this theory, she discussed certain topics around the phone and then noticed that FB started showing ads relevant to that conversation.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, many people know that this has been going on for a while and there are people who do not mind, but this patent makes us see that they are not only conspiracy theories but a reality. This does not mean that we can not do anything if we want to continue using the platform, apart from covering your cameras and microphones with tape (as Mark Zuckerberg does), it is possible that on some mobile devices the permission of this function can be deactivated. What we know is that technology is something that does not stop and unfortunately we have to pay to take advantage of it, and sometimes it is paid with our privacy.

Google+ Strategy is Still Effective for SEO

After the latest press releases from Matt Cutts, some experts question the strategy Google+1 SEO

The trend of the last few months in all SEO strategy was to give more and more importance to social networks to improve the positioning of the websites. How to Google’s social network, the tendency was to increase the dissemination of our website and our articles in this social network.

Well, we have known that Matt Cutts is not at all agree with this statement, and that he himself has stated that the 1 do not affect the positioning of the websites. In fact neither the retweets or like us on Facebook affect this position. Matt Cutts is responsible for the spam within Google.

Returning to the theme of social interactions, if it were so easy how to get them to improve our positioning, it would be very easy access to the first position as it easily you can buy 1, retweets, i like you at a very affordable cost.

Should we give up the social networks in our SEO strategy?

Of course not, that the social activity not directly affects the positioning of our web site does not mean that we do not help us to get traffic and in turn to win impact of face to the seeker. Let’s look at point by point by which we are interested in supporting our SEO strategy on Google Plus and the rest of social networks.

Memory of Google
Google has memory and if you have given to 1 on a page will appear before the rest. That’s why it’s good to get users to give Google+1 Plus to our page so that you are always out our page in the first positions, even though we are not positioned to do so.

Increase in traffic
As we mentioned before, with the social networks we can increase our traffic. An increase in traffic means more people to our website, increasing the time of stay in the same one. This will make Google we take as a page more relevant and we have more options to position ourselves better.

Notify Google of a new article
It is proved that at the time we publish something on Google or Twitter, Google’s robots makes us a visit to index the article. In this way we are going to start to make visits to our site from as it will appear in the search results our article.

With all this, it is clear that the use of Google and the rest of social networks should be the key to our SEO strategy, and our strategy of online marketing in general. Because doing one thing or the other exclusively makes little sense when you have the resources and knowledge to do both.

The union of social networks, SEO and SEM can give us an online business success. You just need to know how to combine them and support strategies with each other to get increase traffic to our web site and transform into conversions this traffic to be able to monetize our website.